We calculate your organisation’s and product’s greenhouse gas emissions using industry-leading standards, the SaaS-based Nordic Impact ESG Platform we have developed, and emissions calculation tools. We also carry out a carbon handprint calculation, which helps to highlight the climate benefits of your product or service to the end user.

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Implementation and strategy

We help set ambitious goals for sustainability and climate action and integrate sustainability aspects into business operations and management. We also help identify and evaluate relevant emission reduction measures as well as climate risks and opportunities. We guide you to achieve carbon neutrality and net zero in the longer term.

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Reporting and communication

We support your organisation’s sustainability reporting and communication. We help with the interpretation, application, and practical reporting of the key frameworks of sustainability reporting. We guide your organisation to communicate to stakeholders about the sustainability aspects and achievements relevant to your business, observing the best practices and criteria set for sustainability claims.

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Other ESG services

We support our customers extensively in various areas of corporate responsibility and ESG, such as ESG DD (Environmental, Social and Governance Due Diligence) and environmental footprint assessments. We always tailor our services to the needs of our customers. Get in touch to see how our experts can best help your organisation!

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Discover our new ESG platform

The ESG Platform is designed to facilitate the calculation and management of companies’ greenhouse gas emissions in line with the requirements of the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

  • Cost savings
  • The process becomes easier
  • Reduces errors
  • The result comparison becomes more detailed
  • Data in one place
  • Constantly evolving