Nordic Offset has measured the carbon footprint and handprint of the operation of Encore Environmental Services. In 2020, their operation’s positive impact on the environment, also known as the carbon handprint, is over 26 times more than their carbon footprint.

Encore Environmental Services provides corporate environmental services from waste management and data security to pallets and industrial energy services. Encore advices its customers on how to reduce waste and increase the rate or recycling as well as rents out and supplies pallets for companies.

Nordic Offset is Encore’s partner in identifying climate impacts and compensating emissions.


Find out the emission sources by calculating the carbon footprint

Encore’s carbon footprint was calculated for the first time in 2020. The calculation was based on the internationally most known and used greenhouse gas protocol. The calculation included emissions from the mandatory scopes 1 and 2, and it applied the most significant emissions sources from the voluntary scope 3.

The carbon footprint calculation assessed both Encore’s business location and logistics network as well as those of their network of 37 subcontractors. The assessment acknowledged 17 different types of waste. The calculation included the following functions:

  • Logistics: collection of waste and outgoing materials
  • Business locations: electricity consumption and consumption of fuel and lubricants
  • Pallet service
  • Journeys to work

The results of the carbon footprint calculation help discover the biggest emission sources. The results can help you plan the measures to reduce emissions more effectively and focus on the measures that can bring the greatest reductions.


Carbon handprint indicates the positive impact on the environment

The calculation of the carbon handprint of Encore Environmental Services examined the environmental benefit gained by collecting waste, reusing recycled materials, and using waste for energy.

Encore Environmental Services’ positive impact on the environment was over 176,000 t CO2e in total in 2020. This was over 26 times more than the carbon footprint of Encore’s operation.

The largest carbon handprint per a tonne of waste was gained from recycling and reusing plastic. The second-largest positive environmental impact came from reusing metal and using biowaste in the production of biogas.

The use of recycled materials as raw material creates less carbon dioxide emissions than the use of new natural resources. Encore brings environmental benefits for its customers by promoting circular economy. When a customer company makes their operation more effective and improves their recycling, the positive impact on the environment increases.

You can read more about Encore’s climate work here.