Nordic Offset was founded in 2008 and we are pioneers in an industry whose knowhow is now increasingly on demand. Based on our long-standing expertise and experience, we continue to serve our customers as a leading expert in climate responsibility. Climate issues are at least as topical today as they were 16 years ago.

Our operations have evolved along with the needs of our customers, from climate experts to ESG services. With our expanded service offering, as of May 2024, we have updated our name to Nordic Impact.

From climate to more extensive ESG service

In climate and sustainability operations, it is important to understand their impact. Given the scale of the challenge and the limited time available, investments must be focused on measures that achieve the maximum positive impact. At Nordic Impact, we promote effective responsibility and strive to achieve the greatest possible positive impact and profitability on our customers’ business.

Over the past 16 years, our operating environment has changed significantly. For example, the EU has tightened regulation aimed at reducing climate emissions. Businesses are subject to regulation through national laws. The latest example of this is the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which sets a requirement for corporate sustainability reporting in accordance with ESRS standards. All of this raises the level of corporate sustainability reporting requirements alongside financial reporting and extends it to our broad business field. We support our customers in identifying and implementing effective and relevant sustainability aspects and measures, as well as in compiling related sustainability information as part of reporting and stakeholder interaction.

In addition to legal obligations, it is important to take into account the business opportunities presented by sustainable development. Resources should be allocated to the development of innovative solutions that mitigate climate change both in the short and long term.

The new Nordic Impact ESG platform facilitates data collection

Since the reporting workload will be substantial, effective tools will bring significant benefits. For this need, we developed the ESG platform as a SaaS service, where companies can determine their organisation’s direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the GHG protocol (Scope 1–3). The platform gathers all the data based on the calculation of emissions in accordance with CSRD’s E1 “Climate Change” standard in one place and enables them to be viewed in real time. In the future, other data and data points required by the ESRS standards for corporate sustainability reporting will be added to the platform.

With the platform solution, the comparison of data between the years becomes more accurate, and at the same time, the quality of the data can be improved more easily on an annual basis. This feature is important because, according to the CSRD, calculations need to be updated annually. It is also worth noting that the platform differs from other greenhouse gas emission calculation tools on the market in, among other things, that it always includes an expert review.

Leading ESG expert at your service

The Nordic Impact team will continue its work as a promoter of more climate-responsible operations. We have a comprehensive team of experts at your service, made up of industry-leading and experienced experts. In addition, our efficient and agile organisation, as well as our advanced Nordic Impact ESG platform, make us an even stronger partner as a driver of your company’s holistic sustainability efforts.

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