A leading expert in climate responsibility that helps drive sustainability in your company

Nordic Impact is a leading expert company in climate responsibility founded in 2008. As a pioneer in the field, we have helped our numerous Nordic customers become more sustainable for more than 15 years. We offer comprehensive sustainability consulting regarding companies’ environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance (ESG) amid the challenges and opportunities presented by tightened regulations and a changing operating environment.

We act as a leading expert partner in climate responsibility, and our deep expertise helps our customers take great leaps forward in their climate efforts. Climate responsibility assessment is an essential part of companies’ sustainability reporting and broader responsibility. We help account companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and the necessary emission reduction measures, set ambitious emission reduction targets, and reliably compensate for (i.e. offset) the remaining emissions. We also support our customers in their corporate responsibility development and reporting. Our consulting service enables companies and communities to raise their responsibility efforts to a new level.

Our services include:


Implementation and strategy

Reporting and communication

Other ESG services

Why choose Nordic Impact as your partner?

We always tailor our service solutions to the customer’s specific needs. We offer expert assistance for a single project or for all the phases of responsibility journey. In terms of climate responsibility, this means supporting activities from the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions to the planning of emission reduction measures and targets and the offset of emissions through the voluntary carbon market. We have implemented numerous projects related to the management of greenhouse gas emissions and corporate responsibility for various companies and industries. Explore some examples here.

Our project team consists of Finland’s leading ESG experts, who have strong expertise covering different industries and gained from numerous assignments. Check out our experts here.

We actively monitor the development of legislation, international agreements and stakeholder expectations related to corporate responsibility, sustainability reporting and climate responsibility. We maintain our in-depth knowledge of sustainability reporting criteria, different standards for calculating greenhouse gas emissions and industry-specific guidelines. We collaborate with research institutes, authorities, and project developers in the field. Read more about our publications here.

Our operating methods and project results are based on research data. We ensure that all our projects are carried out with responsibility, diligence, and transparency.

As a result of our projects, we produce high-quality reports in accordance with the relevant standards. They present the information understandably and visually, and customers can use the report contents directly in their communications. Our customers can always choose to include support for sustainability communication in our assignments.

Our principle of climate responsibility

Our principle of an ambitious climate strategy is based on the following hierarchy for each project:

  1. Calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of the organisation or product based on international standards and determine the baseline of emissions from its operations.
  2. Plan measures to reduce emissions based on the results of the greenhouse gas emissions calculation and set short- and long-term reduction targets in line with the 1.5 °C emissions reduction pathway (e.g. commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative, SBTi).
  3. Take into action the necessary emission reduction measures to reach the target and monitor the development of greenhouse gas emissions annually.
  4. Fund voluntary climate action outside the value chain through measures such as purchasing high-quality certified carbon credits to achieve carbon neutrality and net zero in the longer term. Communicate responsibly and transparently about the different phases of your climate efforts and make substantiated climate claims.

Start your company’s climate and sustainability development now. Get in touch with our experienced specialists to discuss the right solutions for your business.