Nordqvist believes in high quality, good-tasting tea and beautiful packaging but first and foremost, Nordqvist wants tea to be produced responsibly.

Offsetting carbon footprint is Nordqvist’s way of tackling climate change and driving the company towards sustainable development. The carbon footprint of tea and rooibos used in the new Nature Tea Series launched in autumn 2019 has been calculated and compensated by Nordic Offset. The carbon footprint of raw materials has been calculated from cultivation to the consumer. In addition, the products have earned their Fair Trade and Organic badges.

Through Nordic Offset, Nordqvist is involved in the Gold Standard Certified Waste Energy Project in Namakkal, India, which converts up to 120,000 tonnes of chicken litter and other organic waste from the starch and sugar industries into renewable electricity each year. In this way Nordqvist is involved in supporting local small farmers in a large tea-producing country to implement sustainable agriculture.

Calculating your carbon footprint creates valuable data

The carbon footprint calculations have been performed reliably and transparently in accordance with international standards and accounting guidelines. The carbon footprint calculation provides Nordqvist with reliable information on greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of a single Nature Tea product, cradle to grave. The results of the calculation show the most critical drivers of climate change along the supply chain to properly target emission reduction measures.

Typically, the mill’s energy consumption is the largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Nordqvist has already chosen 100% renewable energy as its energy source and 95% of the fuels used for heat production are bio-based. Part of the plant’s electricity is generated by roof-mounted solar panels. “We want everyone to enjoy a cup of tasty tea without worrying about the origin of the product. That’s why we work daily on responsibility and strive to continually improve our operations” says Noora Aaltonen, Marketing Manager at Nordqvist. Also see: Nordqvist Corporate Social Responsibility Report