Lujabetoni is the first company in Finland to offer its customers the opportunity to buy CO2-compensated ready-mixed concrete. Compensation is made through certified emission reductions and increases the price of ready-mixed concrete by about 5%. Compensation can be made for all ready-mixed concrete grades sold by Lujabetoni.

– Lujabetoni wants to reduce its carbon footprint by all means possible. Among other things, we have been working with the University of Oulu to study the potential for using geopolymers from industrial side-streams as a substitute for cement, and have a long-term dedication to energy efficiency. However, so far no significant breakthrough solutions have been found to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, so emissions compensation is currently the only fast way to provide our customers with carbon-neutral ready-mixed concrete, says Mikko Isotalo, President of Lujabeton.

Nordic Offset Oy was selected as the partner in emission compensation.

Lujabetoni is the leading concrete industry company in Finland and operates in all major concrete construction sectors. Their main customer groups include residential, office and infrastructure construction companies such as construction companies, builders and specialist builders such as concrete and piling contractors.

The parent company Luja is a third generation family owned company and one of the largest construction companies in Finland.