Elisa is becoming the first carbon neutral Nordic telecom operator – Nordic Offset as a partner.


Reducing carbon dioxide emissions has been part of Elisa’s strategy since 2009. Among Elisa’s climate goals is to reduce emissions from its own operations by 50% by 2025 compared with 2016 levels. The company is committed to international goals aimed at limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees in the short term. Actions also extend to reducing emissions from travel, waste management and the supply chain.

As a new goal, Elisa is committed to being carbon neutral during 2020 by implementing both energy reduction measures and obtaining emission offsets from a Gold Standard-certified emission reduction project in Uganda. Nordic Offset acts as Elisa’s partner in carbon emission compensation.

“It is proud that Elisa is leading the way in climate responsibility in its industry and wants to be the first carbon-neutral operator in the Nordic countries. Elisa has long understood the strategic importance of ecological sustainability and now the bar is clearly being raised. Identifying our own emission sources, resolutely reducing emissions and certified emission compensation in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are significant and effective actions from a company of this size”, says Maija Saijonmaa, Managing Partner of Nordic Offset.

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